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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Casino Theater

The Casino Theater stood in the heart of Butte's red-light district when it centered on East Galena. You may recall it from an earlier post, as the workplace of a 1903 murderer. Now, John Little has created an interesting illustrated document focusing on this little-known corner of Butte history. John spins the tales, connecting famous Butte boxer Stanley Ketchell and other characters to a fascinating chapter from the past.

You can find information on purchasing John's 44-page book here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Dick. If you know anyone who's interesting in developing a historical theme into a historical booklet, I'm offering to teach a ten-week course in historical booklet production (from research thru publication and marketing) using the Adult Community Education venue on Monday nights (course to be taught at Highlands College (formerly C.O.T.), 6-9 pm, starting September 17. For seniors like us, the enrollment fee of $10 ($55 for "regulars") seems like something of a bargain when you consider that small group interaction, not to mention my own experience putting together the Butte Casino booklet, might be a highly rewarding experience.

    Anyone who wants to join should contact Linda Baker, ACE secretary, at 533-2967, or come into the office at 1050 S. Montana Street in Butte before 4 p.m., Monday the 17th, at the latest.